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Update Announcement

Dear Commanders,
We expect to start shutting down the server and perform maintenance at 04: 00 (UTC + 3) on September 26. The service will last about 3 hours. In accordance with the progress of the upgrade and maintenance work, the server's operating hours may be increased or postponed. You will not be able to log in to the game during the maintenance period. Thank you for your understanding.


【New Content】
1. The new mode is the Flag Capture mode. When using tanks of the 3rd level and higher to match 15x15, the probability of switching to flag capture mode will be 26%. The flag capture mode will be displayed randomly. This may be a flag capture mode for multiple consecutive games, or it may not be a flag capture mode for multiple consecutive games.
2. New event - First charge. Top up your account with any amount for the first time, choose any of the 3 historical tanks for free and get additional exclusive avatars, premium account and silver coin rewards for the corresponding tank. Players who complete the first recharge before the event starts can also receive the corresponding rewards without recharging again.
3. Entertainment missions have been added to the daily missions every Saturday and Sunday, and you can get 20 points activity rewards after completing the missions.


【Content Optimization】
Several problems with Russian text have been optimized.