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OBT Test End Announcement

Dear Commanders,

 In order to fully prepare for the officially launched version, we will end this OBT test at 06:00 (UTC+3) on October 8, and the server will be shut down at that time. Since the OBT test is a non-deleted file test, your data will be retained in the officially launched version.


 In particular, if you need to know the rules related to OBT test data retention and recharge rebates, you can check the in-game announcement "OBT date file will not be erased" on August 27 and the announcement "Payment Announcement" on August 6 in the game or check the August 27 news "Important Notice-OBT data file will not be erased!" on the official website. " and the news "Open Beta Announcement" on August 3.


 Thank you all for your valuable suggestions and feedback on the "Tank Company" mobile game during the OBT test. After the test, we will continue to optimize the game, hoping to bring you a better gaming experience. If you have any ideas and suggestions, you can still submit them to us through the community.


 News relating to the official launch of the "Tank Company" mobile game will be announced as soon as possible. Commanders are welcome to pay attention to the official website and community of "Tank Company" for first-hand game information. We can't wait to fight side by side with you commanders when it is officially launched