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Dev's Q&A session #5

1. Will thermal scopes be in the game?

Thermal scoping has been planned for a long time but development hasn’t begun yet. The feature has some conflicting mechanics within the game so the plan has been shelved indefinitely.

2. Will player modification like in WT be available in the game?

We are working on 3D pendant models where players are allowed to hang parts of their models (bushes, sacks, 3D stars) on tanks.

3. Is it possible to implement a high frame rate mode in the game? For example, 90 fps or 120 fps. Is there a limit of frame rate in the game? If the game has a limit of 60 and 120 fps, do we plan to add something in between? For example, 90 fps

The current upper limit for frame rates are at 60FPS, players can adjust this in the settings. 
We have tried adjusting to 90FPS or higher but it can be very taxing on the device.
To help protect your device, we won't be releasing framerate settings higher than 60 FPS until optimization is complete.

4. Will there be a beta for the US or all of North America before the release date?

We hope that there will be a test released for North America and get the opinion of the players from that region in future.

5. Will the game be available on Google Play in SEA?

There are no plans to have tests in the SEA region at present, SEA region will be included during the official launch.

6. Will IOS players receive any rewards? (Since they couldn't access to first open beta test)

We apologise that iOS players weren’t able to take part in the previous OBT. However we can only issue rewards to those who have participated in the OBT.

7. Besides the shells that are already in the game (AP, APCR, HE, HEAT, APHE), do we plan to add any more unique ammunition on vehicles in future updates such as HESH or APDS?

HESH Ammunition is under development, APDS isn’t. Compared with APHE, HESH will be affected by spaced armour.

8. Will we add female crew voices or the ability to switch different crew voices, for example, for American crew voice, player wants male, for French crew voice, he wants female, etc.?

There are plans to include female voices and models within the game but development has not begun yet.

9. Why is there no pre-register on Google Play?

Google Play pre-registration will be available in some countries in the future, we thank you for your patience.

10. Will the game be translated into Spanish and Português?

It all depends on the demand of these two languages, if there’s imminent demand, we will consider expanding and arranging for these two languages to be translated.

11. Will the PC version of the game launch at the same time as the OBT or the game release?

The PC version will take some time to develop as there are still many problems to be solved. There are currently no plans for external testing in the short term.

12. Will the iOS platform be available at the official game release?


13. Do we plan to split players on PC and smartphones? Will there be a separate balance of tanks for the PC version of the game or will it be the same as for smartphones?

We cannot answer this question at the moment. 
We are testing various platforms for interoperability purposes.
We will answer this question after the PC test is over and data collected.

14. What are the minimum system requirements for the next open beta test?

Consistent with the last OBT

15. Will there be additional graphics settings in the PC version of the game?

There will be additional options to adjust quality settings.

16. What app stores are we considering to launch the PC version of the game?

There will be an official version as well as a Steam version.

17. Do we plan to penalize players for being passive in the battles?

Players who are passive during battles will not be awarded benefits of the match and if they are caught being passive or AFK for multiple games, will be banned or punished.

18. Do we plan to create a game mode where there will be a module-based damage system?

We thought about it but there aren’t any concrete plans at the moment.

19. Does the tank get dirty in different types of environments? For example, getting wet in water or getting snowy or sandy.

This is under development.

20. Do we have any talent of the tank crew that decreases reload time of different types of shells? For example, there are AP/APCR/HE shells. Player loaded the AP shell after that he wanted to load the APCR shell.

There is a skill that is within the game.

21. Do we plan to create 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 game modes/tournaments?

There are no plans for such modes currently, player demands for such modes aren’t high either.

22. Why, when players shoot blindly and hit the enemy, they can see the damage done? (Is it done to help players determine the position of the enemy since he doesn't change position after being hit, or why?)

Even if you guessed the direction of the enemy, and managed a hit, there needs to be some feedback to show that you have hit a target.

23. Do we plan to add exclusive nations to the game that players can't find in other tank games? For example, Spain, Turkey, Israel, etc.

After completing the tech tree, this might be possible. If you have any other suggestions, please send it to us!

24. If the Tank Company project is successful, do we plan to create games about ships, planes, etc.?

Whether it is a battleship, plan or any other new plans, we hope to execute the current plan well before embarking on a new project.