Tank Company Official Website

Five bonuses for new recruits!

1. Gather Recruits, Premium Giveaway!

Log in and receive rich materials as well as camouflage rewards! By logging in for 8 days in a row, you will be rewarded with a limited-edition special combat tank - M4A1(T1).

2. Enemies Are Attacking, Open Fire!

Commanders who completed all “Recruit Training” Missions in 14 days after registration will be rewarded with a Special Combat Tank — Tiger 131

3. Accelerating is an option, rise to the top tanks!

After selecting your favorite tank, you can start “research and develop” acceleration, with a 5 times experience bonus and a large number of individual and global experience rewards to help commanders quickly upgrade to the top tank.

4. The harder you train, the braver you are and you will be rewarded with free top tanks!

If you explore a certain level of tanks for the first time, you will receive generous rewards. When you explore a Level VIII tank for the first time, you will be rewarded with a free coupon for a tank of the same level and will be able to purchase any level VIII tank from the tech-tree for free!

5. Top-up any amount for the First Time, Choose 1 of 3 Special Tanks for Free!

During the event, after completing any amount of top-up, you can choose any of the three tanks as a reward: T14, KV-1S, Pz. IV F2 with additional exclusive avatar of the corresponding tank, premium account and silver coin rewards, the total value of the reward is 17 USD.