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Server Maintenance
Dear Commanders!
Please note that there will be server maintenance from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. (UTC +3) on September 22, 2022. During the maintenance period, most of the features are still available. However, the matching feature will be temporarily unavailable for 15 minutes. After the server maintenance ended, you will require to restart the game to download the updated patch to experience the latest game content. The contents of this update are as follow:
【New Content】
1. The “Overall Reserve Inventory, Prepare for China Heavy Tanks” event will be available from September 23 to September 29. The basic global experience gained by participating in the battle during the event will be fully refunded on 30th September!
2. The “Preparation for the Iron Lion” event will be available from September 23 to September 29. By completing the combat missions during the event, you will be rewarded a victory medal to exchange for China Tech Tree Silver Discount Coupons and Discount Benefits to assist in preparing the new China heavy Tanks.
【What’s new in Mall】
1. 1945 T-54 Type, STG, T-44-100 will be available in the Mall from September 22 to September 29.
2. You can obtain the M551 Sheridan Modification-Solid Shield in the Military Supply Roulette with the Quartermaster Secret Key, and also all the remaining prizes when you obtain the modification prizes on September 22 to September 29.
【Content Improvement】
1. Adjustment of the scouting mechanism: the “Discovered but not recognized" state (The state that can be observed on the map but does not display any signs), the judgment distance has changed from 550 meters to the view range of the tank itself. When there is an obstacle distance between you and the enemy, it will no longer be in the “Discovered but not recognized” state.
2. The Military Supply Roulette has been moved to the Mall.
【Technical Issue Fixed】
1. Incorrect suspension performance of tanks M6A2E1 has been fixed.
2. The inconsistency between the camouflage density of the tank Type 62 turret and the camouflage of the tank body has been fixed.
3. Incorrect displays of T110 HT tank’s record marker have been fixed.