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Update Announcement

Dear Commanders!


We are performing maintenance from 05:00 to 06:00 on January 12, 2023 (UTC+3). During the maintenance, most game services can still be used, however there will be about 15 minutes of downtime. After the completion of the maintenance, you will be required to restart the game and download the update patch for the latest game content.


The contents of the updates are as follows:

New Content

1. The new Chinese SPGs line will be available on January 12th! The new line will include 5 new Chinese SPGs, with the Tier VIII Type 88 SPH as the main one!

2. The jade rabbit welcomes spring and wishes a happy new year! The "Chinese New Year Celebration" event will be available from January 13th to February 5th. During the grand ceremony, our homes will be decorated with festive decorations.


Fortune TokenCollect Fortune Tokens to get a special tank.

The Fortune Token event will be available from January 13th to February 5th. There are two grades: ordinary and collection. Complete the fortune missions to get fortune tokens, which can increase the level of fortune tokens and unlock wonderful rewards.

Ordinary blessings are available to all commanders for free, and rewards such as Tier IV special tank SU-100(C) and festival-style decals can be obtained for free when the level is upgraded; collection blessings can be obtained through gold coins and coupons, you will be able to exchange them to modification SU-100(C) Gui Mao, limited avatar, festive style camouflage and other glorious rewards.


Chinese New Year Military SupplyThe first wheeled tank is available for a limited time.

From January 13th to February 5th, the Chinese New Year Military Supply will be available for a limited time. Tier VI special tanks ERC 90 F4, YaZi, and IS-2U will be released for the first time, and K-91R will appear again!


Prediction Shop

From January 13th to February 5th, participate in the Chinese New Year Celebration event to obtain festival points, which can be exchanged for wonderful rewards such as premium account, festival-style decals, festival camouflage, and limited avatar from the Prediction Shop.


Recharge RebateLimited time top up to receive gifts.

From January 13th to January 19th, top up gold coins balance to receive rebates.

Red Packet Prosperity

From January 20th to February 5th, the commanders who are active in the Tank Company can receive wonderful resource reserves everyday. Unlock the reserved resources to get great rewards immediately.

Supply Crate
From January 20 to February 5, the Tier VIII medium tank 1224 will be available for players in "Supply Crates".

Chinese New Year Gifting TimeChinese New Year Gifting Time special tanks discounts are coming.
From January 20 to January 27, for a limited time, a special package of tanks will be available for you every day.

Chinese New Year GiftLunar New Year Gifts!
Log in to the game on January 21, January 22, January 26, and February 5 to receive the Chinese New Year Gifts.

First Win Sprint

On January 21st, January 22nd, January 26th, and February 5th, during the Chinese New Year, receive 5 times the experience for your first victory of the day on each tank.

Double silver coins bonus

From January 13th to January 15th, January 20th to January 27th, February 3rd to February 5th at 12:00-13:00 and 19:00-21:00 everyday, participate in 15V15 battles and meet certain conditions* to get double silver coins bonus!

1. You need to participate in 15v15 battles.
2. You need to use tanks no lower than Tier IV.
3. You must be in the top 10 of your team by experience.


Random ModeRandom Mode battles, surprises keep coming

The new entertainment mode will be available from 12:00 to 21:00 everyday from January 16th to January 27th! Under completely random rules, use your skills to lead your team to victory! Participate in the gameplay and complete missions to obtain wonderful rewards such as limited decals, avatar, and commemorative medals.

Swift LeopardAvailable for a limited time, get a free Tier VI special tank Begleitpanzer 57
A new special Tier VI German light tank Begleitpanzer 57 hits the battlefields! Missions to get this tank will be available from January 28 to February 5!

The main mission to get this tank is divided into 10 stages. Each time you complete a certain stage, you will receive a -10% discount on a set with this tank or a 10% refund of its cost if you have already bought it by gold, as well as receive some rewards and move on to the next stage. After completing all the stages, you can get a full refund of gold or this tank for free.

3. The event "Treasure Map Hunt" will be available from January 12th to February 8th! During the event period, complete tasks to get the opportunity to explore the map. Every time you explore the map, you will get resource rewards. Complete 5 rounds from January 12th to January 25th to get a 50% discount on Type 63. From January 26th to February 8th Complete 5 rounds to get a 50% discount on the IS-2 Sh.

Content Optimization

1. Added a new main gun for Chinese Tier I tank Type 97-Kai: 47mm Type 1.

2. Significantly reduced the experience required for Tier I tanks modules and Tier II tanks development.


Balance Adjustment

1. E-75, basic turret armour (mm) 185/80/80→250/120/120, turret weight (ton) 10.938→13.2.
King Tiger Production turret frontal armour (mm) 245 → 210, turret weight (tons) 11 → 10.6.

2. After using the first aid props, the duration of healing timer is adjusted to 80% of the remaining timer duration.

3. The damage caused by high-explosive shells with shell shock properties to modules is reduced by 50%.

New in the Store
1. From January 12th to January 18th, the T-54 m.1945, STG, and Object 244 will be added to the store; from January 19th to January 25th, T42 and CobraKing will added; from January 26th to February 1st the ELC EVEN 90 and the SU-122-44 will be launched.

2. From January 13th to January 19th, you can obtain the “WZ121D - Cloudy Rain Dragon” modification, from January 20th to January 26th, the “112 - Cloudy Rain Dragon”, and from January 27th to February 2nd, the “T58 - Drunkard” in the Raffle Wheel through the roulette key. Get all remaining prizes at the same time as when you receive the modification prize