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Update Announcement

Dear Commanders!


We are conducting maintenance from 5:00 to 6:00 (UTC+3) on May 25, 2023. During the maintenance period, most functions will still be available and there will be about 15 minutes of downtime. After the maintenance is over, you will be required to restart the game and download the update patch for the latest game content.

The content of this update is as follows:

1. Completely reworked map "El Alamein" will be available after the update!
The scorching hot sun and the boundless desert make the oasis within it even more precious. Next to the hot sand dunes, in the air force base rebuilt by relying on precious water sources, the confrontation of steel beasts has once again caught our attention. How will they fight on this unfamiliar battlefield? Climb over huge sand dunes, advance along sand erosion rocks and hide yourself with the help of the fuzzy flora. Fierce battles are imminent!

2. The "Iron Curtain Knight" event will begin on May 26th.

During the event, take part in battles to get 2x more Global EXP. Additional global EXP will be credited to you on June 2nd. After completing the combat missions, you can also get "Victory Medals" to exchange for discount coupons to buy Soviet tech tree tanks. Great discounts will help you get ready for the new Soviet heavy tanks.

The free camera mode has been added for video recording and game watching. Using the free camera mode will allow you to conveniently watch and record games and clan battles.

4. The event "Treasure Map Hunt" will be available from May 25th to May 31st! During the event period, complete tasks to get the opportunity to explore the map. Each time you explore the map, you will get resource rewards. After completing 5 rounds, you can get a 50% discount on the Panther 8.8 cm L/71.

5. The tank Object 775 will join the "Pioneer Test" from May 26th to June 1st. The conditions for participating in the "Pioneer Test" for this period are: to research a Tier VIII tank and have accumulated 2,000 battles. Participate in the "Pioneer Test" to get rewards such as silver coins and resources and complete the questionnaire to get "Test Pioneer" medal.


New in Store
1. From May 25th to May 31st, 12.8cm K.43 SFL RH.B and ISU-152-2 will be available in the store.

2. From May 26th to June 1st, you can get the " Object 934 - Cossacks" modification in the Raffle Wheel through the roulette key. Get all remaining prizes at the same time as when you receive the modification prize.