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Update Announcement

Dear Commanders!


We are conducting maintenance from 5:00 to 6:00 (UTC+3) on January 25th, 2024. During the maintenance period, most functions will still be available and there will be about 15 minutes of downtime. After the maintenance is over, you will be required to restart the game and download the update patch for the latest game content. 

The content of this update is as follows:


【New Content】
1. The event "Knight-errant of the Battlefield" will start on January 26th.
During the event, take part in battles to get 2x more Global EXP. Additional Global EXP will be credited to you on February 2nd. After completing the combat missions, you can also get "Victory Medals" to exchange for discount coupons to buy Chinese tech tree tanks. Great discounts will help you get ready for the new Chinese wheeled tanks.

2. 【Fortune Token】
The Fortune Token event will be available from January 26th to February 22nd. There are two grades: Common and Collection. Complete the fortune missions to get fortune tokens, which can increase the level of fortune tokens and unlock wonderful rewards.
Common tokens are available for all commanders for free, and rewards such as Tier III tank BT-42, "Tier VI Special Tank Collecting Supply Crate", festival-style decals, "Surprise Gift Packages" and other rewards can be obtained for free when the level is upgraded.
Collection tokens can be obtained through gold coins, you will be able to exchange them to legendary modification "BT-42 - Polka Dance", exclusive background music, exclusive female tank commander with 3 skills, limited avatar and other rewards.


【Exchange Shop】
From January 26th to February 22nd, participate in the "Chinese New Year Celebration" event to obtain festival points, which can be exchanged for wonderful rewards such as "Surprise Chest – Coupons", premium account, festival-style decals, festival camouflage and other rewards.


【Recharge Rebate】
From January 26th to February 1st, top up gold coins balance to receive rebates.

3. Entertainment game mode "Racing Mode" will be available daily from January 26th to January 28th, between 12:00 and 21:00! 
Complete 1 battle in the "Racing Mode" game mode everyday to get wonderful participation rewards: limited-time avatar, silver coins and Global EXP.