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Dev's Q&A Session
[Non-gaming and related content]
1. Do we plan work with content-creators and support them in near future?
We welcome content creators to publish game-related content and we plan to launch a support plan for creators to thank them for their hardwork.
2. Players ask us improve localization for RU region.
Ever since the start of the OBT test, we have received requests for localization and translations purposes. We thank our players for their wonderful support and enthusiasm. The project team is trying to expedite and improve the quality of localized content. During the Tank Festival, we have applied the suggestion of players feedback and issued in-game gifts. for future Tank Festivals, we will introduce events.
3. What an awards (exactly) do we provide for players who are reporting bugs and making suggestions? When do we plan provide these awards (Now or after release)?
We thank the players who have provided valuable information towards these bugs. Once we confirmed that the bug reported is live an causing an issue, we will issue rewards to the initial reporter.
4. Will Tank Company be cross-platform?
Currently there are no plans to create cross-platform servers nor to expand into PC platforms. We hope to optimize the current game and fix the bugs reported before we decide to expand to other platforms
5. Do we plan to create new resources about the game? (Like wiki, information websites and etc.)
Yes we will, we plan to create a game wiki as well as more sections of information on the official site for players to interact with.
6. Do we plan split servers for the phones and Emulators?
The players can currently use emulators to play our game, however, we are monitoring the matches between emulator players and mobile players. If we find that using emulators causes too much of an advantage, we will consider separating emulator and mobile players.
[Game related content]
1. One player Asking Add setting for set up a volume for your friends, with who you play together
Thanks for the feedback, the ability to adjust the volume for voice calls in future updates.
2. Do we plan to add benchmarks for the graphics tests during the OBT?
We've received some feedback from players about adaptation of various mobile devices. We have planned to add the key models that the players have recommended. We will also try to reduce performance consumption as much as possible so that there will be lesser heat generation and provide the players with a better gaming experience.
3. Does ASU-85 have additional odd profitability of the silver?
There is a credit bonus.
4. Do we plan to start rating-matches during the open beta test?
We are developing ranking qualifying functions, the qualifying will be launched in the near future, so stay tuned.
5. Can players (who participated) receive a Tank T23 for free, which was at CBT in the March? Will tanks and stats from CBT move to the OBT for players who participated in CBT?
Only players who have participated in the CBT will be eligible to obtain this tank when the game is officially launched. (No cross-server redemption) Players on the CIS and EU server will have other ways to obtain this.
6. Can players send gold to their friends into the game? Do we plan to add this function?
Currently there aren’t any plans to have this function of gifting coins. However, the development team is considering the function of gifting tanks from player to player.
7. Will there be different in-game chats for different languages?
This feature is currently under development, it will be added in the future.
8. Will the matchmaking support more than 1 tier difference?
To allow players to have a better gaming experience, currently we are only allowing a +-1 level gap for matching.
9. Will there be in-game achievements? (Not google play store)
There will be an in-game achievement system where players can earn various trophies.
10. Do we plan to use bots in the game after release?
We will prepare bot games for newer players so that they can be familiar with the game.
When the number of active players is deemed sufficient, the probability of matching bots will be very low.
11. Do we plan to add special skins, body kits to KV-1 (Pioneer) and ASU-85?
KV-1 (Pioneer)- a skin has been made for this tank whereas there is no plan for the ASU-85 for now.
12. If player will sell ASU-85 and KV1 (Pioneer), will he be able to takes it back after release?
Sold tanks can be found in the recycling bin.
13. How often do we plan to bring new maps and vehicles/tech trees into the game?
After the official launch, we will launch new updates every 2-3 months which include new maps and new tanks/branches.
14. Do we plan to add new items to the clan shop?
After the launch of the clan war mode, there will be new items in the clan shop.
15. What is a gyroscope for and how to activate it?
The game does not support the use of a gyroscope for now.
16. We have some other tanks in the game files which not using now, do we plan to add them in the future?
Some tank files may be added to the game in future.
17. In the news about balance top-up we said there: "Gold will be returned and there will be additional 20% gift for the players on Android and iOS", but today you updated that game will be release on iOS only after end of the test
So how iOS players can receive a gifts?
iOS and Android are interchangeable, as long as you log in with the same account, you will be able to claim your coins back.
18. Can players provide their accounts to the friends?
According to clause 2.2 of the user agreement, we do not recommend users sharing accounts. Sharing accounts may cause the leak of sensitive information. If someone uses your account to conduct malicious activities or uses illegal software and hacks your account may be subjected to a permanent ban.
2.2 You agree that you will make necessary efforts to protect your account information and keep it confidential. You agree that you may not transfer your account as well as any of your rights or obligations under this Agreement to anyone else or share your account information with others without our prior consent.
19. Do we plan to add advertisement into the game? Then players can earn gold into the game by viewing ads
The function of receiving free gold by watching ads is under development and will be launched in future.
20. Can you explain what is the "aiming time"? (Many users sent this request)
Clicking 'aiming time' in the assembly room will allow players to understand what it means. We will insert the bilingual text in the explanation so that they will understand.
21. How much do bushes increase "Disguise"?
50%, a fallen tree will give 30%.
22. Can tank be destroyed by death of the tank crew?
This mechanism is already in the game.
23. Do we plan to add "Свой режим"/"Personal mode" during the test?
This model is under development, but we are unable to confirm a specific testing time for this model.
24. Do we plan add "Free view" mode to the replays?
This feature is under development, we are currently fixing the issue where there are camera collisions. If it goes well, this feature will soon be available.