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Dev's Q&A Session #2

1. Will minimum system requirements for the game be reduced for a release?
The minimum required specs to run during the OBT phase was Qualcomm 660 and above or Kirin 960 and above GPU; we are working to ensure that these devices are compatible with these specs and we are testing out some configurations to optimize and allow for the game to run on devices with lesser specs.

2. Do we plan to add "Ranked battles", "C Series" and other new announced content in the same time with the release?
Ranked battles will be a permanent feature in the future, this is the current version under development:

The C Series is a Chinese-based tank line which has three based technology lines, LT, MT and HT. You can have further discussions about this tank line within our community.

3. How do we choose tanks for nerf or buff (whose characteristics we change)?

We will check the tank battle stats based on data and player feedback. If a tank is deemed too strong or too weak, we will tweak these characteristics accordingly.


4. What servers will be in the game after the release? How many people can log into 1 server at the most? How will this system change and grow?

After the official release, we will take care of stable ping for players from all regions.


5. Will 100% tank crew training cost the same prices of silver or will it change to gold after the release?

After the official launch, players can still purchase tanks with silver coins for 100% of the tank crews.


6. Will players be able to buy premium accounts for coupons after the release?

There are gift packages in the shop which have favourable pricing which includes premium account packages.


7. Do we plan to reduce prices for gold?

We have received much feedback from players regarding the price of gold and will consider gravely before making a final decision. If the price of gold were to be adjusted, we will compensate players who have recharged previously.


8. Do we plan to change the time for base and flag capture?
From our current battle statistics and game time data, we feel that the current gameplay allowance is relatively reasonable. We will continue to observe battle statistics and player feedback for the future.


9. Is CBT graphic different from OBT? Do we plan to return the graphics from the April CBT test?
Between the time from the closure of CBT to the opening of OBT, we have had a lot of engine level modifications to the game as well as resolution changes to fit the updates. If players have any dissatisfaction regarding these changes, they are more than welcome to provide specific details to our community moderators or customer support team.


10. Do we plan to remove wrong textures of the stones and snowdrifts that get tanks stuck?
We are already sorting the issue out, you will not face these issues after the official launch.


11. Do we plan to add training rooms for the release?

Training rooms are under development, we will release these rooms in several patches after the launch of the official version.

12. Do we plan to add settings of zooming in and out of the camera in battles?

Initially we had this option, but realized that few people used this option so we decided to remove it. We are happy to cast a vote among the players and if a majority think that this function is necessary, we can re-add this feature.

13. Do we plan to add 9-10 level tanks to the game?
There are no plans for now for level 9-10 tanks and we will announce it in future if we do decide to release them. You can share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments, what would you like to see from these tanks?


14. Do we plan to add camouflages for silver?

There will be camouflages that you would be able to rent with silver.

15. Do we plan to open servers in North America?



16. Do we plan to add the ability to download replays from the game and share it with friends?

The video file upload and sharing option is already under development but as it is still under works, it will not be given the highest development priority for launch.


17. Do we plan to add tags of a legion (3-4 characters) in front of a nickname, stickers with a logo of the legions to the tanks and anti-plagiarism system of the legions names?

We will add the abbreviation of the legion name in the chat interface ie: IGN [Legion Name], legion names are unique and cannot be repeated.

18. Do we plan to support VK.com groups and Telegram channels about Tank Company as Content Creators?

While we create the Content Creators Support Plan, we will take VK and telegram groups into consideration and will pay closer attention to originality, content quality, and influence on the community.

19. Do we plan to add supertesters to the game (The experienced players that first will test new maps, tanks and game modes)?

During the release phase, we would regularly have test servers to test new content.


20. What game engine do we use in the game?

We are using the Messiah Engine, NetEase’s self-developed engine.


21. Do we plan to use a multi-turret mechanic in the game?

We have tried to develop this type of tank but realistically, it is difficult to operate on a mobile device. If players are particularly interested in these sort of tanks, we might create an entertainment mode to include the use of these tanks.

22. Do we plan to allow creation and use in-game modes/skins that only 1 player can see?

Are we talking about Mods? We do not encourage the modification of game models, skins and game files. Modification of game files will cause the game to be unstable and will affect player battles.

If players have interest in creating new models or skins, we will consider launching player-oriented design competitions such that these designs can be implemented into the game.

23. When do we plan to release the game for Southeast Asia?

We have plans for release to SEA. Related localization work is underway and players are encouraged to tune in to our official community channels for the latest news.


24. If the players change a tank crew from a premium tank to the usual one will the tank crew lose their qualifications (If there is any penalty)?

Tank Crews will still be effective but because of the mismatch of the proficiency of the tank and tank crews, there might be a penalty. You will be able to spend a certain amount of silver coins to modify a crew’s professional tanks to their right proficiency.


25. Do we plan to save events that give 400% of an experience for the players after the release?

There will be events that give extra EXP, post official launch.


26. Do we plan to add PBR graphics for tanks to the game?

All our tanks use PBR graphics.


27. Are we satisfied with the number of players or was it ok?

Of course we will want more players to be playing our game in the future :) The R&D team will continue to work hard towards this goal.


28. Will players need to delete the current game and reinstall it after the global release or just update this one?

We will have multiple changes to the engine during this closure phase, so players will be required to download the game again during the global release.