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Dev's Q&A Session #3

1. Do we plan to organize tournaments for the legions and any other Esports tournament in the Tank Company?

The Legion League is currently under development and is expected to be launched in the second half of this year. We will share more about the Legion League later.


2. Do we plan to organize major events that will last for several weeks? (Examples: New Year event, Victory Day event etc.)

For such major festivals, there will be larger scale events; we held a Chinese New Year event in China for 4 weeks. Major festivals in the other regions will have large events such as the Russian New Year, Christmas, Victory Day. Global players will experience different events based on their specific region.


3. Do we plan to increase rewards for the legions? The rewards are very low according to players’ opinion.

There will be more rewards after the launch of the Legion league.


4. Do we plan to change the design of a tank hangar for different holidays? (Examples: Halloween, New Year, Victory Day etc.)

During major festivals, there will be a dedicated background for the tank hangar. Here is the view of the hangar during the CIS or Chinese New Year.


5. Do we plan to monitor and moderate the in-game chats (voice and text) and punish toxic players? Will our support team control these things?

We have set a list of banned words which will be replaced with asterisks “***” and players can also report abusive players of which we have officers checking and banning these abusive players.


6. Do we plan to add tanks from WW1 at least as collectible?

There are no such plans for the time being; The team is working on the tank lines at the moment.


7. Do we plan to fix/change American tanks since they were imbalanced during the OBT according to players' opinion?

We will fix the balance of all tanks, not just American Tanks based on combat data from the OBT Period.


8. Do we plan to create global wars between legions as it is realized in other games?

More info will be provided in the Legion League.


9. Do we plan to add a case opening system to the game for gold/coupons? (With a random chance of dropping a tank or other items)

We might include similar activities/items but it is not necessarily limited to such chest or case openings.


10. Do we plan to add the ability of stun by High Explosive shells to HT and Tank destroyers?

We are not planning to do this at the moment. Stunning is exclusively a feature of artillery HE Shells.


11. How do we plan to deal with cheaters in the game? Our game engine was created in 2015 and is already quite old according to players' opinions. Players think that therefore there can be a lot of cheaters in the game as in Rules of Survival earlier.

We are using the Messiah engine developed by NetEase which has continuously been upgraded; our battle anti-cheat system is server based which can prevent most cheating softwares. At the same time, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards cheat engines and plug-ins. Once a player is caught using such cheats, the account will be banned immediately. Players can help us report such incidents if they do encounter cheaters.


12. Do we plan to bring back the old version of Anti-Gravity mode (from the April open beta test)?

We are considering further development for the low-gravity mode, adding new mechanics to the game.


13. Do we plan to add double-barreled tanks to the game?

Currently the game supports double-barreled tanks; but we have not created a suitable tech tree.


14. Google plans to release Google Play Games to launch the games from Android to Windows in 2022.
Do we plan to split players because then PC players will play on the same servers with the mobile users?

Currently PC and Mobile players are able to play together; we will keep an eye on the stats and decide whether we will continue to allow cross-platform play in the future.


15. Do we plan to add the ability to set up protective screens to the tanks (sandbags, tank tracks etc.)?

There are no such plans at the moment.


16. Do we plan to add friendly fire (damage to allies)?



17. Do we plan to fix the lighting on the "Tank Factory" map?

If you are referring to the dark lighting within the Factory Map, we have already added an adaptive brightness/exposure function in the game which can help increase brightness.


18. Do we plan to add tank pollution effects (by snow, sand, water, etc.)?

This feature is being planned, we will first access if there will be performance impact from these changes.


19. Will the voice chat in game stay the same as the OBT (all 15 players can talk at the same time) or it will change for only friends, or each 5 persons can talk together?

It will be the same as the OBT, you can choose to talk to all your teammates or listen to specific groups.


20. Will there be separated English-Russian-Chinese-Arabic chats in game? Or is it only global chat?

We have developed a specific language channel function. There will be chat channels for all languages/EN/RU/Others in the game.


21. Do we plan to change the sounds of the shots to be louder and more realistic?

We hope to make better sound effects; however under current circumstances, it is difficult to recreate or find suitable real tank recordings.


22. Do we plan to add additional styles of the scope?

We will consider making it, currently due to the difficulty of data collection, it may only apply on certain tanks.


23. Do we plan to punish players for sham battles? The battles aimed at obtaining rewards and achievements.

Players caught manipulating certain aspects of the game that results in unfair gameplay and behaviour will be dealt with. Depending on the severity of the actions, different sets of punishments will be mete out; timed bans, banned from ranked games and bans from obtaining achievements. Players are encourage to report such behaviours or negative gameplay through the reporting system and our development team will verify and react accordingly.


24. Do we plan to add different styles of penetration decals according to different types of the shells that penetrate tanks?

We already have different penetration/non penetration effects for different projectiles. Bullet hole effects are in our development plan but we will fix display issues first.


25. Do we plan to add a battle pass to the game? How will it look?

We have completed this function; this is how it will look:

26. Do we plan to add new unique in-game mechanics that other tank games don’t have right now?

Can you give some examples? Mechanisms that we have included so far are amphibious tanks, wheeled combat, suspension tanks, double barreled tanks.


27. Do we plan to add a hydraulic suspension system to the game? (Examples: UDES 15/16, STB-1)

You can refer to our previous videos regarding STRV 103B.


28. Do we plan to add new historical battles in-game mode to the game?

We have thought about similar gamemodes but have been unable to complete the technical aspects to the verification of such gamemodes. We are currently working on performance optimization and improving gameplay. We will conduct research regarding this gamemode and we cannot say for sure on whether this gamemode will appear in future.


29. Do we plan to add the ability of tank customization? How will it look?

Currently we have customisation of appearance, camouflages, 3D skins and stickers available.


30. Do we plan to add the ability to create a player group during the current battle?

We don’t have such plans at the moment.


31. Do we plan to add realistic mechanics of the maps? (Fires, destruction of buildings, etc.)

Real building destruction is great but we have no such plans to implement this at the moment as it will create a lot of performance costs.

One of the content creators thinks that we have not fully answered some of the questions in the 2nd version of Q&A:

6. Will players be able to buy premium accounts for coupons after the release?

Premium discount packages will be sold during certain periods and some weekends. The more time you purchase a premium account, the cheaper it’ll cost.


19. Do we plan to add supertesters to the game (The experienced players that first will test new maps, tanks and game modes)?

We will open up a supertester server for tank and map testing and we encourage players from different regions to try out our supertest server.