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Dev's Q&A session #4

1. Is there a crew skill like "Brothers & Arms" in Tank Company like in WoT PC?

There are specific skill descriptions in the game. This skill increases the proficiency of all crew members, up to a maximum of 5%, depending on the average value of the skill of all members.

2. Is there a crew skill that reduces artillery stun times?

Not at the moment. We are considering whether it’s necessary to add them.

3. Will people who are "Content Creators (CC)" be able to giveaways on their YT channel etc. for a premium tank or something else?

We are creating a reward program for such content creators and will announce this after the OBT launch.

4. Will only the VIII level tanks take part in the "War of Legions (i.e. the so-called Legion Tournaments) or will they also be lower level tanks?

At the moment only tier VIII tanks are allowed to participate in the legion tournaments.

5. Do the devs have plans for making more casual or fun modes in the future?

We are creating more entertainment modes and will also adjust the current existing modes. If you have
suggestions, please feel free to share them with us.

6. Will it be possible to farm more silver in special modes?
7. Will it be possible to earn " Free Experience" in special modes?

We hope that players enjoy the game for pure entertainment rather than for profit.

8. Have the minimum system requirements for smartphones changed?

The requirements needed are currently the same as the last test. However the performance for all of our supported models have been greatly improved while requiring the same specs and we will continue lowering the required specs needed.

9. Do we plan to add premium SPGs and wheeled tanks to the game?

There aren’t any production plans for the premium SPGs at the moment whereas the production plan for Wheeled tanks will include a special tech tree for these tanks.

10. Do we plan to add Anti-tank guided missiles to the game?

There are no plans for this. Although as interesting as anti-tank guided missiles sound, it will cause an issue with balancing.

11. Do we plan to add "Smoke" shells to the game?

We don’t have such plans at the moment. We have considered adding smoke grenades before, including launchers and artillery smoke grenades. With some more suitable for retreating and defense and others better for attack. Adding smokes will hugely impact the current game strategies and therefore any plans of it has been scrapped.

12. Will "Skills Competition" game mode be on the next OBT in CIS and Europe?


13. Do we plan to add "Free camera" mode to the replays?

It’s under development, we are trying to work out and deal with the lens issue of which collision while viewing may occur, this will take some time to solve.

14. Do we plan to add the ability to hide buttons in the replays?

It’s under development, many players have responded requesting for this and we are working on bringing it to you as soon as possible.

15. What a map is shown in the video with Soviet heavy tanks?

We are currently preparing materials for this map including prototypes and video demos, it will be announced soon.

16. Will KV-1 "Pioneer" and ASU-85 tanks be added as rewards to the new OBT in CIS and Europe?

No. These were previous rewards from tests.

17. Will new German and Soviet heavy tanks, new maps be available on the new OBT in CIS and Europe?

Yes. The tanks from the OBT are consistent with the domestic version of the game.

18. Do we plan to add any event to achieve Type 59 as a reward on the new OBT?

It would be Type 59-II.
We could have a Type 59-II event in the OBT in future. We will consider the timings to avoid conflict with other events

19. Do we plan to add the C-Series tank lines to the new OBT?

We are working on the development of C-type tanks, but we can't confirm that we will release it in OBT.

20. Will players be able to manage their profile privacy settings?

We have the privacy management of battle statistics/commonly used tanks/personal records and info. You can decide if you want these to be public on your profile.

If you want it to set different displays for friends and strangers, it can be developed.

21. Will " Legion Wars" be available after the release of Tank Company?

Legion Wars is under development, however, no opening launch dates have been confirmed.

22. Will players be able to donate and download the game through the game's official website?

It is under development

23. Do we plan to add bonus codes function to EU and CIS Servers?


24. Do we plan to add weather effects on the maps during the battles?

We plan to add different weather effects for different maps, you will be able to see different weather types for newer maps. Weather for other maps are still under development, we will focus on them once these are completed.

25. Do we plan to add the ability to buy a style for the hangar/garage?

There are no plans to develop this for now.

26. Do we plan to provide any compensations/discounts to players for long wait times of the OBT?

Everyone who participated previously and has combat experience will be given the mission for Tiger 131.

27. Are we still planning to run the OBT or will the game be released in Europe and CIS, as it was in China?

We will continue from where we left off in the last OBT, without deleting the previous files.

28. Do we plan to add the game to other app stores? (AppGallery, Microsoft Store, Steam, etc.)

Yes but if it’s in Microsoft store or Steam, we would need time to develop it for those platforms.

29. Do we plan to give rewards to the top players from the last OBT (Top players by win rate, avg damage, avg assist, etc.)?

We did not conduct such contests in the previous run of the OBT so we will not be awarding prizes this time.