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Dev's Q&A session #8

Tanks related questions:
1. Are there any plan to launch Soviet heavy tanks T-10 and T-10M?

It will be added soon in the new S6 season.

2. Do we plan to add premium SPGs to the game?

Not currently in development plans.

3. Are there any planned new Swedish tanks other than 103b?

We will try to develop all Swedish tanks that are representative and fit the historical background of the country.

4. Do we plan to add modifications for premium tanks?

There are no plans for that anytime soon.

5. Do we plan to add a new tank to exchange for rewards in rating and clan battles in the next season, and what tier will it be?

There are no plans for this in the S6 season

6. Do we plan to add wheeled tanks from other nations?

We are already working on it, so you can start guessing which nation's wheeled tanks will be added next.

Maps related questions
1. Do we plan to rework El Alamein and Mitla Pass maps?

In the new S6 season, we will release a reworked version of the El Alamein map.

Combat/performance related issues
1. Can we limit the number of wheeled tanks in battles?

We hope everyone has already been able to make sure that the use of wheeled tanks in the game is different from light ones. These are multi-purpose tanks that can perform various tasks, not just reconnaissance. Wheeled tanks are a separate new type of tanks, so we are considering them separately, as medium and heavy tanks, and will not limit their number.
Of course, we have noticed that when wheeled tanks are first launched, due to everyone’s enthusiasm for new content and support for selected line of training tasks, wheeled tanks may be more popular, so the number may be more than other type of tanks. About 5% of games have more than 6 wheeled tanks.
However, as time goes on, players will gradually become familiar with and try other type of tanks. In April, 99.5% of the games were played with less than 6 wheeled tanks, and 96% of the games were played with less than 4 wheeled tanks. The number of wheeled tanks used has gradually become normal.
But of course, we will continue to take note of the balance of wheeled tanks and make appropriate adjustments as necessary.

2. When will we add clantags to the nicknames?

We don't want players to intentionally affect the fairness of normal or ranked battles due to competition or collusion between legions. Therefore, at the moment this feature is not included in the development plans.

3. Do we plan to add a sound for the capturing of base?

In order to serve as a warning, the base capture sound will be made louder. However, there are situations in the game when the base is captured several times, or both of them are captured. Many players complained about this, because this aspect affects their game.
There are currently obvious visible parts of the Base Capture user interface in the game, so we've removed the sound effects.
We will try to develop new sounds for capturing bases and the rules for playing them in the game. After completion, we will include them in future updates.

4. Do we plan to count the damage dealt to a wheeled tank as assistance after a critical hit to its wheel?

Since critical damaging the wheel of a wheeled tank will not completely disable the tank, subsequent damage will not be counted as an assist.

5. Do we plan to add support of 90-120 FPS?

We are already working on 90 FPS support in the game. However, given that not all smartphone models can support it, we will gradually update the list of devices that support 90 FPS.

6. The stats of many tanks have not changed for more than a year, do we plan to work on this?

The balancing of tanks is a complex task. The performance of tanks is affected by many factors such as tank performance, the percentage of use by players, and the overall environment. We will treat tank balance issues with much caution.
Every season we will analyze the performance of tanks, and publish the performance data of 6-8 tanks in standard mode, ranked matches and clan battles and adjust the balance of some tanks if necessary. Stay tuned for each season's balance adjustment announcement.

7. Will there be a spectator mode in Clan Battles?

At present, all matches of the “Peak Tournament” will be available for viewing by all players on the server. To ensure the fairness of the competition, there is a 5-minute delay for the broadcast of the matches.
All battles take place in real time, and the participation of spectators may affect the fairness of clan battles. Therefore, for now, we will not allow friends to watch clan battles.

Follow-up questions
1. Will the special modes that were in the previous Chinese version of the game be added to this game version? For example: story mode, special training mode, etc.

There is no plan for this at the moment.

2. Do we plan to create/publish more videos about our plans in 2023?

Previously we have released a video of an incomplete preview of the 2023 updates during the spring festival
These content will be released to the players later in the year via videos and news articles. Please follow our official website and social networks for more info.

3. Everyone is waiting for the new "Cold War" game mode.
When will this game mode be released?

This game mode will be available from April 27th!

4. Why are tank ratings and marks of excellence values dropping so much?

As stated in the description marks of excellence, the calculation method is to compare with other players over a period of 14 days, so the data changes daily. For example, increasing the average damage and assist points of one player will increase the average mark value, which will cause other players' mark % to drop.
Tank ratings use a calculation method similar to marks, which is affected by the overall level of tank ownership over a certain period of time, and therefore changes.

5. Is it allowed to use wheeled tanks to climb on the mountains?

We will fix certain areas of some maps to remove positions that affect balance during battles.
We plan to fix the textures of some mountainous areas on Narvik and Village Bocage maps.