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Dev's Q&A session #11

1. Do we plan to increase the size of the button to increase the minimap when playing on SPGs? Sometimes it is difficult for players to touch it.

We'll look at changing this button to an independent one, and you can adjust its position and size in the settings.


2. When do we plan to release heavy Swedish tanks? Will these be tanks with a cyclic, drum or automatic loading mechanism?

The Swedish heavy tanks development tree will be a line of the Emil heavy tank project, also known as the KRV project. The specific line and the tanks in it are still being designed and developed, it will take some more time. So stay tuned! If you have any suggestions, you can send them to us in the #game-suggestions channel of the Discord server.


3. When do we plan to add French SPGs?

This will likely happen in the first half of 2024, so we can't reveal much information yet.


4. Will players be able to freely adjust the camera range in arcade/battle mode?

We will consider adding this feature to the battle interface. For example, a slider, by which you can adjust the camera range in battle in arcade/battle mode, as is implemented in the “Scope” mode.


5. Do we plan to return the “Moon” map to the “Gravity” game mode?

We currently have no plans to return this map to this game mode.


6. A lot of time has passed since the launch of the "Cold War" game mode. Do we have plans to launch it in the first half of 2024?

The latest version of the "Cold War" game mode still has a number of issues that we need to resolve. It is still in the stages of development, optimization and testing, and there is no possibility of its launch in the near future.


7. Description of many recommended crew skills for Tier I-V tanks in the Manual -> Tank guides are difficult for new players. Often they choose them at random. Do we have any plans to change this? This leads to new players choosing the wrong skills for crew members.

Data on recommended solutions (equipment, skills) comes from the top 50% of ranked players on a given tank, which is a relatively high value. However, since players' gaming habits vary, we cannot guarantee that the recommended solutions will suit everyone. Recommended solutions are for reference only. We hope that players can choose equipment and skills according to their own ideas. If you choose the wrong skill, you can reset it by silver coins.