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Dev's Q&A session #12

1. When an enemy tank is on the right edge of the minimap, the name of his tank is not displayed there. Is it possible to optimize this somehow?

Yes, we will think about how this can be implemented.


2. Do we have plans to add British light tanks?

Yes, they are already under development. A Tier VIII tank will be different from others in existing tank games. You can try to guess their entire line.


3. Do we plan to add sci-fi themed tank modifications in the future?

Yes, there are such plans, but the final theme has not yet been determined. Previously, some players already suggested that we introduce for sale a modification for Object 934 from the “Low gravity” game mode. Why don't we just make a "Moon War" modification based on this effect? What do you think about it?


4. Do we plan to add more personalized stickers in the future?

Personalized content, such as stickers and attachments, will be constantly updated. If you have specific suggestions, you can send them in the #game-suggestions channel.


5. What kind of farm coefficients do premium tanks have compared to standard researchable tanks?

You can see data on the extra earnings of tanks in the Tank -> Special Tank Extra Earnings section (in the lower left corner). For most premium tanks of Tier VI and below, the silver earning rate is approximately 2 times higher than that of the researchable tanks, and there is also a x1.5 silver coins bonus for the first victory of the day and a reduced repair cost. The farm coefficient for special collectible tanks of the Tier VII-VIII is the same as for the researchable tanks, however, they have a reduced repair cost.


6. Is it possible to punish players on heavy tanks for playing in tank destroyer positions, etc.?

Compared to tank destroyers, heavy tanks differ greatly in damage and accuracy. The actual benefit for them from playing tank destroyer positions is actually small. We hope that heavy tank players will ride to their correct positions and do what heavy tanks should. If this is the case, we hope to create a mechanism that rewards heavy tank players for playing on the front lines, rather than issue punishments.


7. Did we plan to add a mechanism for turning the tank over when it capsizes?

In High-Tiers tank battles, we do not want to add the turning the tank over mechanism, since using the map's terrain is an important part of the gameplay. After adding such the mechanism, many rocky and impassable parts of the terrain can be traversed using it. To solve this problem, we are more inclined to add a drive the tow mechanism rather than the turning the tank over mechanism.


8. At the moment the tank models look plastic and unrealistic, do we have any plans to fix this?

Of course, the devs team is exploring the best solutions, and we will release them to the public when we have the opportunity. However, these solutions will entail greater consumption of device performance. We've currently received a lot of feedback from players about the game's poor performance and low frame rates, so we're still exploring different solutions to balance in-game effects and performance.